Secret Tips to Track Your Passport Application and Never Lose Sleep Again!

Tracking the progress of your Passport application can be a trying experience. For starters, the process can be overwhelming; however, it is critical to remain vigilant so that you do not lose sleep over its outcome.

Resist the urge to procrastinate and submit your passport application as expeditiously as possible. Delaying submission could lead to costly delays in getting it back from the embassy – which could potentially result in forfeiting the deadline for obtaining one altogether!

This article will provide you with all of the necessary information about how to expedite passport processing and avoid any potential setbacks along the way.


Have Someone Else Stand in for You at the Embassy


If you have been assigned a particular time to appear at the embassy for your national passport application, consider seeking out a friend or acquaintance who is free during that time and having them act in place of you. This can be quite advantageous if you do not wish to skip out on anything due evening activities; it will provide an opportunity for other individuals to enjoy their time off as well!

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Call the Embassy to Speak With Someone About Your Application


Whether you’re an experienced traveler or hurriedly preparing for your departure, it’s in your best interest to contact your country’s embassy before applying for a new passport.

If you need assistance with completing your application or obtaining a visa, simply call the embassy and speak with someone. It is highly advisable that you utilize their services as they will be able provide you accurate information regarding the process along with concise responses on any inquiries that may arise during the application process.


Ask for a Second Passport to Be Prepared


If your first passport is presently in possession, then it would be prudent to request a second one.

What if you mislaid your passport during travel? You could miss out on valuable time by waiting around for a replacement. On the other hand, having access to another passport can be quite advantageous – especially if there are restrictions imposed upon travelers!


Keep Track of Your Applying Countries


As you may already know, if your passport is about to expire, there are many countries where it can still be validated for travel. Indeed, there are several nations around the globe with which an expired passport is not a hindrance.

Keep an eye out for any country in your region that is issuing new passports; this could provide a convenient option for expediting your document’s processing time. For example, if you have an expiring passport from Brazil it should be possible to submit application materials from within Argentina!


Have Your Applying Countries Handled at a Border Station


If you or your family members plan to immigrate to a foreign country, it is imperative they obtain their passport before proceeding with the application process.

Are you seeking citizenship in another nation? Be mindful that some countries do not recognize passports issued within other nations’ borders. Make sure obtaining your passport’s international counterpart takes place at an official border station!


Request an Extra Day while Waiting for Your Passport to Arrive


If you require an extra day before your passport arrives, don’t fret. There are myriad options for expediting the process!

Hire a second-day courier service: Book an additional pick-up time with $1.99 shipping included for each and every additional day requested.

or utilize expedited mail services that offer guaranteed speedier delivery of your documents. With such solutions as ExpressPost or Global Express Guaranteed from USPS, you can rest assured that your delivery will arrive within two business days!




Are you an applicant for a passport? If so, then congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards obtaining it and must now submit your application.

To expedite this process, be sure to utilize our free template as well as our helpful hints for tracking your application’s progress.