Secret Tips to Track Your Passport Renewal Process and Get it in Your Hands ASAP!

Are you eager to track your passport renewal process and expedite its arrival in your hands? Here are a few tried-and-true tricks that could help!


Fill out the DS-82 Form Online


If you’re a seasoned travel pro, chances are you may have become proficient at automating the process of procuring your passport. That’s what we do in this article – provide you with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to expedite your renewal from start to finish.

First off, visit the Official U.S. Passport website and select ‘How do I renew’ under the heading ‘Get Started’. Then simply log in with your existing credentials and fill out the necessary information provided during the application process; it couldn’t be simpler! You’ll find that all countries’ DS-82 forms are available for click-and-go convenience on their respective sites so don’t forget to take advantage of those options when it comes time to submit.

Be sure to note down both your current US Passport number and MICR Code along with your passport expiration date before completing the form and submitting it – making this one quick process!


Place An Order for Your Passport With the Department of State


The Department of State offers expedited passport services at an additional premium cost, but it is worth it if you must have your paperwork in hand expeditiously.

Encountering delays with a standard delivery time of six to ten weeks, expedited passports can be obtained within three days!


Send in Your Application With Proper Documentation


Take a moment to review the essential documents you will need when submitting an application. If you do not possess any of these, ensure that they are included in your submission:

Your old passport

A temporary ID card, such as a driver’s license or ID card from the government (if applicable)

New photo identification such as a passport or voter registration card

Any other documentation that may be necessary for processing; such as rent receipts, utility bills and bank statements if applying for renewal through mail-in service

The consular section of this embassy is typically swamped with applications; however, there exists no exact timetable for processing them. To expedite matters, we recommend sending in your dossier as soon as possible to maximize your chances of obtaining an expedited service.


Have Your Passport Photos Taken at a Local Business


If you can’t make it to the consulate in person, chances are your passport photos will be taken at a local photography studio. Be sure to select one that offers expedited services, such as rush appointments; this is vital if you want to ensure timely turnaround time for processing!

The “Newport Beach Camera” venture gets my vote for providing fast and reliable passport photo packages for just $59 (standard price was $129). The service includes up to five full-color passport photos captured in under 15 minutes!


Keep Track of Your Renewal Process With an App or Service


To keep tabs on the status of your passport renewal, you can use a variety of apps or services. Some of them are as straightforward as keeping track of the date it was submitted; others have expanded functions that allow for more in-depth monitoring and analysis.

Apparent makes it easy to manage each step in your trip itinerary – from obtaining the necessary documents to making sure you don’t miss any important deadlines!

While Cypto-currency is all over the news lately, there’s no need to fret about your passport renewal process. Just breeze through it with this app! After filling out an electronic form, simply press ‘submit’ and let it take care of everything else.


Don’t Over Extend Yourself with Research


If you happen to be researching the myriad of documents that may accompany your passport application, don’t let it get out of hand. You only need to present any documents that are necessary for your renewal process – after all, getting everything in order should be straightforward!

Persevere with perseverance – it’s all about going through each step when renewing a passport.




You have reached the pinnacle of your passport renewal journey! It is time to relax and savor the experience as you wait for your document to come through.

Congratulations, my friend! You are now well-versed in the ins and outs of passport renewal. Have fun along the way – it’s going to be a memorable adventure!